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5 December 2017:
In partnership with the National Alliance of Women Organisation (NAWO) and on the occasion of the ’16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence Against Girls and Women’, Basira took part in a discussion titled ‘Commit, Act, Demand: We Can End Violence Against Women’.  In the Bahia centre in London

30-31 October 2017:
At the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Basira attended the high profile Athena ( Greece ) International Conference  with foreign affairs ministers from the MENA region and Europe ,  looking into ‘Religious and Cultural Pluralism & Peaceful Coexistence in the Middle East’ in Athens (Greece).

This high-profile conference looked into freedom of religion and belief, cultural and religious pluralism within Europe and elaborating on concrete proposals and viable solutions as well as considering peaceful coexistence with the Middle East. 

Basira Founder  Ahlam Akram gave a presentation on ‘The role of religious leaders in the refugee-migrant crisis, with special attention to the reintegration of refugees-migrants internally displaced persons into their countries or regions of origin’.

4 October 2017:
At the invitation of Dr Roberta Blackman Woods MP, Basira participated in the ‘Annual Seminar: Women and the Media’. Founder Ahlam Akram gave a talk on ‘Arab Women and the Media’ at the House of Lords, London.

6-8 April 2017:
At the invitation of the Ditchley Foundation and in cooperation with the United Nation University, Basira took part in the  conference titled ‘Non State Actors and the Changing Nature of Conflict’ in Ditchley (UK).

21 March 2017:
Invited to give 2 lectures  ‘’ women’s rights  trapped between culture and  religions. ‘’  at the American Syracus University London.

10-12 December 2016:
At the invitation of the Swedish Institute In Alexandria, Basira participated  in ‘The Importance of Pluralism for Developing Societies’ event in Alexandria (Egypt).

20 September 2016:
At the invitation of the University of Northampton, Founder of Basira was invited as  a Key note speaker on   ‘Approaches to Inequalities’ conference .  where Mrs. Akram presented  ‘’ solution to positive approach to inequality and discrimination ‘’.

1 June 2016:
At the invitation of Zonta,  Basira  presented a talk followed by discussion  on ‘Twenty First Century Cultural and Religious Acceptance of Child Brides and Unjust Divorce in the Middle East’. At the Holiday Inn, Guildford.

28-29 April 2016:
At the invitation of the Quilliam Foundation, Basira  participated in a 2 days conference on  ‘Families Against Terrorism and Extremism’ (FATE) Summit in Paris (France).

30 June-1 July 2015:
At the invitation of Coventry University, Basira participated in a day of discussions and presentations on the theme of ‘Women Negotiating Secularism and Multiculturalism through Civil Society Organisations’.   Founder Ahlam Akram presented a paper on ‘Basira’s Work on Gender Equality, Democracy and Religion’ .

14 May 2015:
At the invitation of Keble College, Oxford University – UK.  Founder Ahlam Akram, presented a paper on ‘Why Women Are Veiled in International Relations?’