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Basira carries the voice of voiceless women to the world and campaigns tirelessly for their full rights. We believe that without equality and justice for women, true democracy and international security cannot be achieved, as they are the foundation of a secure and safe society. 

How Basira will fulfill this vision

  1. By offering an open and safe space where British women of Arab heritage living in London can meet for informative discussions to encourage integration as an enriching element in our identity and strengthen our community and society at large.

  2. By redefining the idea of ‘female honor and dignity’ based on common humanity above any cultural, societal or religious division. 

  3. By highlighting issues of women’s disadvantage and suffering due to male-interpreted injustices that are weaved into the common consciousness, with the long-term aim of dismantling patriarchy in all its forms.

  4. By raising awareness of how male-interpreted laws lead to extremism, in turn causing segregation and isolation which negatively impact on our security and community cohesion.

  5. Basira’s further aims are to draw Her Majesty’s Government’s attention to its responsibility to protect British-Arab women under Britain’s legislative system and to prevent injustices caused by the imposition of religious laws and their incompatibility with the British secular legislative system.

Basira will be always standing for:

  • NO Honour Killings

  • NO Female Genital Mutilation

  • NO Underage Marriage

  • NO Unjust Divorce

  • NO Domestic Violence

  • YES Justice for Women